Q. Do I need to sign up online for class?

A. We recommend it. Our space only allows for 12 students to comfortably practice in one session, so we recommend registering online so that your space is guaranteed. Walk-ins are welcome, but only if space allows. You can easily register on the "classes" page by clicking the style of class you want and choosing the date that its offered. Just leave your name and email and you'll receive confirmation after! 


Q. Is Yalah Yoga a women's only yoga studio?

A. Not always, but some of our classes are female-only. We specialize in yoga and wellness for everyone, but we also offer female-only classes for women to feel comfortable being with each other. Our classes are labeled to specify, so check for a * in the schedule if you're looking for a ladies-only practice. 


Q. Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?

A. Nope. Believe it or not, flexibility is not a requirement to practice yoga.  That's why we call it a practice - it just gets better and better over time.  Somedays you're a rock star on the mat and some days you fall over every time you try to stand up, but that's the beauty of connecting with yourself. At Yalah Yoga, we believe that the only thing you need to bring to yoga is a good attitude.


Q. Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

A. Nope, we have everything! We also have mats available for purchase. Or you can bring your own mat if you like!


Q. Do I need to bring anything else? 

A. Nope, all equipment is provided. We recommend that you come dressed for yoga - in comfortable clothing, yoga pants, leggings, or sweats with a comfortable top. You can bring a towel and water for our more powerful classes, but most classes won't require that. We do have water and tea available between classes. 


Q. What styles of yoga do you teach at Yalah Yoga?

A. We offer a variety of courses every day, in a variety of styles. We offer daily vinyasa and hatha practices but we also like to mix it up with different workshops, alignment classes, and meditation.


Q. Do you offer private courses?

A. Yes, we do! You can schedule a private course of 75 minutes with your favorite instructor for 300 dhs. To schedule, please email yalahyoga@gmail.com with your preferred course time and instructor and we'll get it scheduled for you!


Q. I'm pregnant - can I still practice yoga?

A. Yes! We offer occasional prenatal yoga classes at Yalah Yoga, but you can still join normal yoga classes even if your'e pregnant. Please tell your instructor at the beginning of class so she can make suggestions for alternative postures.