Fundamentals of yoga

debunking the myth that yoga isn’t for everyone


so you’re new at this…

I get it. Yoga is hella intimidating at first. But that’s why I create this awesome workshop, which makes yoga relateable, approachable, and most importantly, understandable. The practice is 5000 years old, so it makes sense that there would be plenty of aspects of yoga that are just downright confusing, so this workshop is all about getting a grip on this ancient practice by using a modern approach.


What can I expect to learN?

This 3 hour workshop takes you step-by-step through the alignment of some of the most commonly seen postures in a “typical” yoga class, so you can walk into your next studio class feeling confident and ready to move deeper. The most important thing to know about yoga is that no one ever “reaches the top”. So you’re not going to graduate from this workshop with a PhD in yoga and then move on to something else. This workshop is designed to help you spring into your yoga practice on a deeper level. I’ve divided it up into four 45 minute mini sessions:

Here comes the sun

Learn the sun salutations A & B, and understand why yogis consider them to be important.

The chatturWRONGa

Here we visit the pose that everyone loves to hate, and slouch their way through. We’ll learn how to use our triceps, how to protect our lower backs, how to stabilize the core, and a few variations of the low plank that will serve all everyBODY.

Dogs, warriors, cobras - oh my!

Understand the lay terms and alignment of some of the most commonly-seen postures in yoga. We’ll try each one a few times, and even learn some hands-on adjustments and alterations to make any pose feel great!

Mantra, mudra & meditation miracles

Our final chapter of the FUNdamentals workshop brings us to relaxing in guided meditations, learning a few ancient chants and what the heck “mudras” are and why we use them.

But wait, there’s more!

No goodbye is complete without yogi tea and a big hug!

This sounds amazing. How can I book it?

The FUNdamentals of Yoga workshop is available at any studio, anytime. Contact Jade to schedule the workshop at your studio, yoga space, or yoga retreat and break through the barriers of the basics!

Upcoming Opportunities to join the workshop

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