Yalah's Story

Founded in 2015 and now based in Marrakech, Yalah Yoga brings a variety of yoga styles and instruction to Morocco. Taking inspiration from the Arabic word "yalah" (let's go) Jade chose the name as a motivation for taking action.

In the beginning, Jade started by teaching locals and visitors in the Agadir region of Southern coastal Morocco. Now based in Marrakech, she has been teaching regularly and organizing a unique concept of experiential travel yoga retreats.  The next step for Yalah was the studio - located in the center of Marrakech and open to anyone that wants to practice, learn and grow. Alongside studio classes with friendly rates and membership packages, Yalah Yoga promises to provide a volunteer program for teachers to help introduce yoga to Moroccan youth and rural women without access to the city - and a textile program, which will empower local artisans producing handmade yoga accessories. 

Yalah Yoga encourages people to be playful, curious and remember that your practice is a gift to yourself.  It doesn't matter if you're totally new to yoga or you've been practicing for years, but it IS about feeling good and showing gratitude to your mind, body, and spirit.

ماشي مهم إلى معمرك درتي اليوغا وغير كتسمع بيها ولا إلى درتيها سنوات؛ لمهم ليوغا تعاونك تحس براسك مرتاح جسدا و روحا