Jade Whitham: co-founder & instructor

Originally from Austin, Texas - Jade moved to Morocco in early 2015 and has been discovering the country and its amazing culture ever since. A lover of travel, food and yoga - in no particular order - Jade spends her time making friends all over the world, planning her next travels and deepening her yoga practice. Trained in Morocco and India, Jade has a unique teaching style with emphasis on fun, self-love, body positivity, and curiosity. Her wild personality makes her a dynamic female entrepreneur and intrepid person. You are most likely to find her spending her savings on plane tickets. 


Ouifaq Laissaoui: co-founder & manager

From the sweet beaches of Agadir, comes Ouifaq, Yalah Yoga co-founder and partner since 2017. With a background in international trade and marketing, Ouifaq's sharp business skills and cultural background as a Berber woman makes her the perfect fit for partner at Yalah Yoga. After recovering from a serious automobile accident in 2015, Ouifaq discovered yoga as a way to strengthen her body as well as her mind, which resulted in yoga as a portal to deepening love for herself and those around her. Her passion for developing Yalah Yoga for the Moroccan and foreign female audience is stronger than ever. After opening the studio, Ouifaq would like to travel the world. 


Jackie Kinney: Instructor

Jackie provides a safe and welcoming space where students can explore and develop their very own personal yoga journey and self transformation. A typical class consists of moving through our breathe to build a greater postural body awareness with a focus on hip strength, flexibility, spinal alignment, core engagement and chest opening. Jackie has been teaching yoga to children and adults for 7 years after completing her hatha and vinyasa certification in Rishikesh, India. Her style is strong, playful and fun! All of the proceeds from Jackie’s classes go directly to the High Atlas Foundation and Education for All. 


Erin Wilson: Instructor

American by birth, citizen of the world in her heart, Erin has been living in, traveling through and falling in love with Morocco for 18 years. She is thrilled to be teaching yoga at Yalah in the best city in the world. Erin found yoga in 2001 and has practiced and trained all over the world in a range of styles like hatha, vinyasa, kundalini and more! She loves to teach a strong vinyasa flow and prides herself in making her classes accessible to all levels.

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Patricia Lorenzo: Instructor

Patricia discovered Yoga while looking into training her unfit body while using her sharp brain. The practice gave her more than expected and she now has a body comfortable with empowering moves and a much lighter mind. Her style is constantly evolving but is largely Hatha Flow with plenty of dynamic exploration before holding a posture. She also connects elegant movements with the breath that feel like dancing and allow for a deeper sense of well-being. She has lived in Marrakech for the past seven years and currently lives with her long-term Scottish partner. They share a haven of domestic happiness with three cats and three tortoises.