Jade Whitham: founder & instructor

Originally from Austin, Texas - Jade moved to Morocco in early 2015 and has been discovering the country and its amazing culture ever since. A lover of travel, food and yoga - in no particular order - Jade spends her time making friends all over the world, planning her next travels and deepening her yoga practice. Trained in Morocco and India, Jade has a unique teaching style with emphasis on fun, self-love, body positivity, and curiosity. Her wild personality makes her a dynamic female entrepreneur and intrepid person. You are most likely to find her spending her savings on plane tickets. 

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Geo Carreno: Instructor

Andres Giovanni Carreno better known as Geo is a traveling yoga instructor who started his mission in Hawaii. "My vision is to help you on your own personal journey as you renew your mind,body, and soul; transcending into the life you were created to live. My wish is that your vibration will help you evolve into your higher self; your true essence. That you may find peace in your everyday; smiling at each moment that bring you closer to your purpose. It is easy to stay in one place; never venturing out of your own back yard. But I know, if given the chance, the Universe will raise you up to heights you never knew existed."

Jackie Kinney: Instructor

Jackie provides a safe and welcoming space where students can explore and develop their very own personal yoga journey and self transformation. A typical class consists of moving through our breathe to build a greater postural body awareness with a focus on hip strength, flexibility, spinal alignment, core engagement and chest opening. Jackie has been teaching yoga to children and adults for 7 years after completing her hatha and vinyasa certification in Rishikesh, India. Her style is strong, playful and fun! All of the proceeds from Jackie’s classes go directly to the High Atlas Foundation and Education for All. 


Rachid Ait Merri: Instructor

After twelve years of martial arts Rachid took his first Kundalini yoga class and he get hooked. He started to practice consistently and discovered the positive impact on his life, both mentally and physically, as it helped him get through many difficult times.

Rachid is a certified yoga teacher who works with an open heart to facilitate helping people to embrace life and move further long their own path to happiness,harmony,joy and love.

He is also a healer trained with world renowned healer and Sat Nam Rasayan master Guru Dev Singh.